HIIO — новый релиз

The South American progressive house duo have been busy ripping up the studio creating uplifting big room tracks for 2013. They’ve just released the two killer hits, «Something About You» Feat. Terri B! and «Meant To Be» Feat. Giuseppe Viola.

«Something About You» featuring the vocals of Terri B! The uplifting production sounds like Almighty channelling classic Perfecto while attempting a progressive pop track. Terri B sounds incredible, possessing a voice that can be both soft, pretty europop vs. screaming gospel diva. «Something About You» will sound just as great on a dance floor as on the radio or your iPod. Is catchy, powerful, and will make you sing day and night.

The remixes are in hands by D.O.N.S. and Peter Gelderblom.


«Meant To Be» features Italian vocalist Giuseppe Viola, who has performed at various venues in Los Angeles such as Roxie, Whisky Go Go and Viper Room. Viola plays a vast diversity of music genres ranging anywhere from Opera to Hip-Hop and performs in English, Italian and Spanish. This single illustrates the propelling sounds of HIIO, in which they bring this vibrant energy and radiance to their music.


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