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Moguai — Exclusive Interview |7M| André, you have been playing at dance stage for 20 years, can we say that it is not just your job now but your lifestyle? Moguai — Yes, absolutely. Actually, I love to quote a good long time friend of mine here, Maximilian Lenz aka Westbam, who once said “We’ll never …


For me I am both a DJ and a producer. I see myself an artist who is equal in both because during the day I am a producer and at night I am a dj. The Top100 poll is an established poll built on djs, but these day’s features many producers. I don’t think we need to split the poll because everyone knows why they’re voting for their top 5 artist and many, if not all, of these artists nowadays are both djs and producers. It’s also a great way to see what has been popular in the scene during the year.


Well it hasn’t happened overnight for us; we have been DJ-ing for the best part of 10 years now and required a lot of hard work and dedication. I think for us the moment we really became aware of our following was hosting our own stage at Tomorrowland, we have such a close affinity to that festival so it was quite the defining moment for us.

C&C Music Factory

by Ruslan Batykov Interview — C&C Music Factory   [7M] Robert, your creative life is many-sided and interesting due to a great variety of different projects you have. Could you single out some projects and say what makes them so important for you? Robert, your creative life is many-sided and interesting due to a great …


Родился: 14 марта 1976 Образование: высшее, окончил Московский государственный университет путей сообщения Стиль музыки: исключительно хаус, во всех его проявлениях. Любимое занятие: троллинг в социальных сетях и просмотрамериканских сериалов. Самое лучшее выступление: большинство из них случились на Казантипе, а так — много было хороших выступлений, всех уж теперь и не упомнишь. Очень много приятных воспоминаний …