A new track from LastEDEN

Author and performer of music – Kirill Zverev. “The beginning of my work can be attributed to about 1994 when I got my first synthesizer “Electronica EM- 25′′ and almost immediately YAMAHA – PSR500.

From that moment I began writing the first and most important record (then still an ordinary audio cassette), his first instrumental compositions. In 2003 I decided to still mark it as their own project and called it LastEDEN. Why so? Difficult to answer unequivocally. There was a lot of options and this variant will offer me a friend of mine saying that my music is calm and peaceful, like a heavenly delight. Well, I decided that in our insane and cruel world for someone my music may be the last island paradise, peace and tranquility where one can relax, unwind and get mental harmony. Therefore, I decided to stay on this phrase – the last paradise.

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