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Paul Oakenfold
interview with 7 minutes |MagDJ|


|7M| Hi, Paul! On June 20th 2014 on Perfecto Fluoro label you will release of your new album consisting of 12 cover versions. Tell us, please, how long have you worked on this album, what is its main idea behind the album?

I started work on the album about a year ago. That’s when we (my team and the guys at Armada) decided to do the project. The idea was pretty straight forward – I wanted to take 12 of my favourite records and make fresh cover versions of them making sure that the interpretations were a reflection of what I am about as a DJ and producer today.

|7M| On 11-13 July in Nizhniy Novgorod there will be held for the first time Alfa Future People, a festival of electronic music. How are you going to surprise your fans, any special music lined up? Have you taken part at the openings of other festivals which were held for the first time?

I’ve played many festivals all over the world. They are always a great experience and a great way to present your music to a wider audience. I’m very much looking forward to Alfa Future People. I’ve got a lot of special music to play and of course I will be playing a lot of the tracks from the new album.

|7M| In general, what is your personal opinion about Russia? What do you think about the Russian dance scene?

I absolutely love Russia. I have many friends there and every single time I come there to play I always make sure I extend my stay by a few extra days. It’s one of my favourite places to hang out in the world. As for the Russian dance scene – it has always been energetic and enthusiastic. The Russian crowds are so passionate and I love that.

|7M| Paul, we know that your label Perfecto Records produces a lot of young and talented DJs. Have you had an experience of working with Russian DJs? What should they do to have a track signed to Perfecto Records?

Absolutely. We released one of the most iconic electronic records of all time – PPK Resurection which was by a couple of really talented Russian producers and we are getting demos submitted from Russia all the time. Anyone who wants to submit music should send it to

|7M| In your opinion, what is your greatest achievement to date?

Probably being awarded by the Queen, for my contributions to contemporary music. That was a special day and one I was very proud of.

|7M| In your collection of works there are soundtracks to many films and video games. How often are you offered to make a soundtrack for a film or video game? Which soundtracks that you worked on did you like most and why?

I’ve worked on many film scores, Collateral, The Matrix, Swordfish etc. I love this alternative side to making music because you have to think outside the box – you have to foget about all the formulars that you usually work to when making regular dance records. It’s a great challenge.
Please, finish these sentences
• A celebrity is just a person. And normal human like you and I
• Real friendship is unconditional. so cherish and respect it
• What you always need to remember is give more than you take. And the world will return the kindness
• The best award for work is having work that is also your hobby. So make your hobby your life’s work
• At least once in your life you should fall in love. With music


Questions from M Pravda


|M Pravda| — Name three countries where you like to play and why
Russia – as I explained above. I love the country, it’s people, it’s culture, it’s food…..
Argentina – Buenos Aires is one of my favouite cities in the world. The food and the incredible Mendoza wines are exquisite. You wont find better steak and wine anywhere in the world. The clubbers in Argentina and absolutely the best to play to.
China – I have travelled all over China many times and every time I go it keeps evolving and changing at such a rapid rate. Shanghai is again another favourite city of mine where I always like to spend extra time when I’m touring Asia.

|M Pravda| — What are the differences between Perfecto Records of 1994 and the one of 2014?
The music has evolved but the ethos and approach is the same – we are just a team of passionate music lovers that are dedicated to finding new talent and presenting their music to the world.

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