Quinten 909 — новый трек

Hailing from the smoke-filled city of Amsterdam, Quinten 909 is no stranger in the modern clubscene. His style is a wide mix, ranging from disco, funk, soul, tech and electro, all supported by a pumping house beat.

Quinten’s first Can You Feel It Records release “Get To This” is a big disco banger and shows this young kid’s talent. “Get To This” is an old school disco hit in the making. Remix is in hands by CYFI’s resident Beauriche.


Quinten 909 is set to make his disco debut on Can You Feel It Records with an all new EP titled ‘Get To This’. He’s joined by soon-to-be CYFI veteran Beauriche, who throws in a meaty mixdown on 909’s original.

The ‘Get To This’ EP will be released on September 16th, out on all major platforms.

Artist: Quinten 909
Title: Get To This
Label: Can You Feel It Records
Genre: Bigroom Disco
Release date: 16.09.2013

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