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DJ Lucca

|7M| Hi, Lucca! The summer season is at its peak: tours, shows, crowded dance floors, etc. Your life is very active now! Do you feel a season demand in your job? Where can we see you this autumn?

Yes, it is. I have just came back from Ibiza, and I am going there again in 5 days. I will be performing with Carl Cox for the fourth time in club Space at his resident night Music Is Revolution. It is always big honour for me and peak of my season. Also this weekend I’m playing at the biggest Czech festival called Machac at the main stage.
In September I will play for example in Spain, at Fermaz Festival in A Coruna. And I will be in the studio a lot in the autumn.

|7M| — What motivates you to do your job?

It is first of all still present a big passion for electronic music, love to perform in front of my fans, sharing musical vibes through speakers,… some kind of adventure I could say.

|7M|- 15 years in EDM — it is a dream for many DJs! Share your experience, please, how can a DJ be in demand for a long time?

First of all I have to say, that it has been fantastic 15 years. And I am really happy I can do what I love as my job. I was lucky to play at Love Parade Berlin on the main stage in front of 2 million people, back in the days! Also to be a guest of Carl Cox on many events such as Dance Valley festival in Holland or Space Club Ibiza. I traveled with Tiesto, as I was part of his tour back in 2005. Also I got so many experiencies playig with David Guetta, Paul Van Dyk, Marco Carola and big events like Nature One (Poland and Germany, Mayday (Poland and Germany), Time Warp Germany, Sziget Hungary, Decibel Outdoor, Awakenings in Holland, Klubbers day in Spain, Hypespace in Hungary, Global Gathering in Polland, Creamfields in Czech Republic and Polland, touring Brazil, Colombia, China and Japan. I am also exeprimenting with musicians, for example with czech guitar legend Michal Pavlicek, who played guitar live to my sets. I had releases on many labels, my tracks were played by many big boys out there :) I also have two videoclips (Body Dance and japan Sugar ) which were broadcasted on MTV. And I still have many goals to achieve and still enjoy all this!

|7M|- Which groups were your favourite ones when you were a child?

I was growing up in eighties, so I listened to groups like Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, A-ha, and more commercial pop groups like Roxette, Ace Of Base, 2Unlimited,and songs from Dr. Alban, Michael Jackson or Madonna…

|7M| -How did your love to electronic music appear?

I have been visiting parties (that time called rave parties) since my 16, and I totally started to love the music and the whole culture. Early after that I started to go to Wien to the record shop buying my first vinyls and equipment and started to practice mixing. And 6 years after I got my first gig in a very legendary and popular club in Prague, called Roxy. I was the first dj on line up, and was so nervous. But the audience didn´t leave so I think it was not that bad, but if I would have played like this that time, I am not sure people wouldn´t start to scream :)

|7M| — Why techno?

I have been playing techno for more than 12 years and I still love it and enjoying it! For me it is abstract and mystical music. You can imagine many things, many moods, it is always different. And I find it powerful, very groovy, sexy as well. It something you need to really love to be able to understand :)
— Lucca, you have great experience in playing at different festivals and taking part in tours, e.g. support DJ. What difficulties may occur in this trips? What should you beware of and what can make you feel happy?

Dj-ing is tiring job, we all know that. So I am careful to have a good rest and keep fresh for my performances. If it is just a little possible, I try to sleep or relax tightly before the gig so I have enough energy during the night . It is always better and I can enjoy my set much more. I like to eat good food too… hehe :) I can not be hungry before my set :P
And I like to check technical equipment in advance, to be comfortable.. As it can bring big problems, when technique doesn’t work! Also good quality sounds is so importmat for techno music!
And I try to smile even when I had long travel, delayed flight etc. As poeple don’t like to see someone tired…! And I always feel better when I smile as I love laughing. During the week I try to do a lot of sports, living healthy as much as I can. I sometimes even jogg after or before gig! As this gives me energy back

|7M|- Which features of your character helped you to find solutions in difficult situations?

I think that I am trying to stay positive all the time, finding always positive aspects even on negatives things. I am trying to be kind to all people, even if I’m tired and people are not friendly to me. To have good mood is much better. I am hard worker, never give up and I always stay ambitious.

|7M| — You have son Michal , which features are you trying to develop in him first of all?

I have actually already two sons :) First of all I am teaching them to be good people, to be polite, to behave well. I want to show them lots of things, musical instruments, arts, sports, so they have big choice and they can freely choose what they like and what will make them happy.

|7M| — How do you manage to combine work and personal life?

Of course it is not like when I was free, no baby, enough time for music and for myself. But if you plan everything ahead, and organise your time, it is possible to manage things well too. I am happy like this, I wanted to have baby, my life got totally new dimension. Actually I can’t imagine my life without an experience being a parent.
And, yes, it is hard, especially the first 6 months. But I learn how to combine and be happy to have children and also enjoy my career. I would not like to be only at home. If I wouldn‘t Dj, I would lost a part of me for sure. But I am not playing every weekend or mid week like in my crazy days before :) It is important for me to spend time with my family!

|7M|- What should a person do at least once in his life?


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