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Moguai — Exclusive Interview

|7M| André, you have been playing at dance stage for 20 years, can we say that it is not just your job now but your lifestyle?

Moguai — Yes, absolutely. Actually, I love to quote a good long time friend of mine here, Maximilian Lenz aka Westbam, who once said “We’ll never stop living this way”. He also called an album after that. This expresses pretty much my attitude.

|7M| What kinds of promotion did you use when you started your career?

Moguai — Back in the days we used to do mixtapes, plain mixes about an hour long. I started to make these on a weekly basis and sent them to friends. After a couple of mixes and great feedback I send them to promoters and received more feedback. It took some time after that to receive my first shows and I started producing my first tracks as well.

|7M| What is it you think has made you so successful, what advice would you give to someone starting their career?

Moguai — I still think the most important thing today is authenticity. You need to live your style and your music. Everything you do then becomes so much more credible and people will see that. I stayed loyal to my style and my music even when I sometimes thought there might be something else out there. I do think it’s the right step to implement new styles in your music but you should still try to keep your sound unique. I mean, this is what I built up over so many years. I would never want to through that away just to fit into a current trend. Those things pass, but you will be there after that and then you still need to stick out of the group.

|7M| What are you working on now, what are you going to present to your fans in the near future?

Moguai — This year has been insane. The collabs I worked on over the last 24 months were released and each of them received great feedback. I was able to work with so many great artists and I want to continue doing that. So, right now I’m working an a follow up with my friends Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. We were all amazed by what happened with ‘Mammoth’ and want to continue the work. There’s also a new single coming out in december, called K I X S. One of my favourite productions this year, super catchy lead. I’m still working on vocals for that one.

|7M| Recently, ULTRA label has presented your new track made together with Benny Benassi. Did you work together before?

Moguai — Benny and I go way back. We always wanted to work together on a track and ‘Gangsta’ is a perfect depiction of that. The funny thing about that track is that I was actually sitting in the studio, working on a bassline and suddenly realized it had these similarities with Benny’s signature sound. I knew this was the right thing for him and after I sent it to him, he immediately found the right counterpart for the break. Since we never worked together before, we knew this was the right one and it turned out to be a massive track with great feedback from all sides.

|7M| In your opinion, what have you given to each other to develop your musical skills?

Moguai — Well, you know, after such a long time in music production it’s really hard to say if there has been influence from the other. Of course, once you heared such a unique sound like the Benny Benassi bassline, you are hooked for life. But it’s our own styles fused together that make the track so special.

|7M| What other projects that you did with other musicians can you single out? Why?

Moguai — I think a track that really made changed my perception of production was the Sugarbabes track, that used the “U Know Y” baseline. Usually, in dance music you can follow certain patterns they will always appear. Here, all of a sudden, you had a pop production. These are set up differently, there many things to reconsider when switching to that genre. But it helped me a lot to understand even more of the music and it was a great honour to see something like the “U Know Y” become so popular.

|7M| Can you name any composition you would like to remix?

Moguai — I guess it would have to be Daft Punk’s ‘Da Funk’. The hook in that track always gives me goosebumps. Would be amazing to lay my hands on that.

|7M| What performance can you call your best one?

Moguai — I personally think my best shows to this date have been the opening shows for deadmau5 at Bricks Academy. It was a three show weekend and it was the first time I played my live set. It all worked out so well and it made me super happy to see how my productions worked in this new costume. All shows were sold out and it was quite demanding because I did not want to play the same set three times.

|7M| Can you say that you have reached everything you wanted? Or do you have other goals you want to gain in the near future?

Moguai — No, I think it’s just getting started. I feel like there’s one part of my life coming to an end but a much bigger and greater part just waking up. That feeling gives me so much energy, I feel like I enjoy doing what I do more and more from day to day. All my focus is now on touring and music production.

|7M| Are you happy? What is your happiness?

Moguai — Happiness for me is having the freedom to do what I love to do without restrictions.

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