Alex Christensen, Jasper Forks, Alex C. — specially for «7 minutes»


 — Alex Christensen —

[7M] Hi, Alex! Tell us how if you have any news about your new album «That’s all Forks“.

I m still working on my album,but with EDM or dance music the focus is on the next track
And then comes the album.Maybe end of 2014

[7M] Year 2010 gave to the world of ED music a new name, it is Jasper Forks and it is you. And what about new looks, new style in performance, new presentation – do you have all this in your works?

My way to entainment is and was always DJ ing.With Jasper Forks I enjoy to make music without prejudice,but I will not change my look,because I like to be real.

[7M] What artists and musicians have you worked with during these 4 years? What tracks reflect your vision of music at the present moment best of all?

I worked with DJ Antoine,and wrote the song sunlight for him. I also worked with
Scooter on their latest Album, and cowrote the track “I wish I was a Raver” I can’t tell you exactly witch track mirror my vision,but I think the EDM music is the new Techno sound for us. I really love these music.

[7M] Do you name yourself only as Jasper Forks or also use Alex Christensen and Alex C. What does this choice depend on?

I m still DJ ing with all Alias,when Im Jasper Forks I m playing more EDM,and with
Alex C Im more playing Dance Tracks,and as U96 I m playing 90ties..

[7M] When you were 24, in 1992 you created project U96. Did you start your career as a producer, musician and DJ that time or earlier?

I ve started Djing in 1986,my first successful record was a remix for Oliver Cheatham
Get down Saturday night in 1987.So when U96 arised I was in the Bizz almost 6 years.

[7M] U96 was existed until 1998 during 7 years, popular project ATC was living for 3 years, each project has its own “life-cycle”; being a professional producer can you tell us some rules how to stay on a surface for a long time?

its not up to the producer how long the “Project”stays in the market.
U depending a lot on the artist, they want to do other kind of music,or they want more
Money or stay at home. The only think you can control is yourself. That why I decided
To work only on tracks for myself. I m tired of crazy artist with bad habits..
When you are great producer,you can behave like shit, the industry loves you only
With success.They don’t care if you also nice,but I ll stay on the ground and I try to be nice

[7M] You have visited Moscow several times. What surprised or pleased you, what do you remember? What Russian DJs and musicians do you know?

I played the first time in Moskwa in 1993 in a Club called Titanic,this was a great
Experience,great people,amazing Party! And this feeling is still there, you all know to
Celebrate the weekends. The only thing that bugs me is the traffic, and Moskwa is
So expensive.

[7M] You have worked with a lot of musicians, what important traits of character should a producer have? Is it easy to recognize a talented person?

I think the biggest skill is that you love what you doing,and you know the hole variety
Of you music style. So stay informed,listen to other stuff,and get better than the others.
A bit of craziness is also helpful,and stay open for new things.

[7M] What role does money play in your life? Do you think that you are a rich person?

I think Im rich, because Im healty,I have a great family, and enough money to live and
To do what I like.

[7M] Your work in project U96 is still with you but every creative process as well every activity has rises and falls. Do you have methods to overcome crisis times?

No I don’t have a method, I m still getting depressed when I m not successful with my
Music,but this frustration also gives you the drive to work day and night..

[7M] Are you a happy person? What is your happiness about?

I don’t know,happiness is always a short moment,and you get addicted to it
And you want to develop the next level. So my goal is always the next step.
Maybe this is the kick and that make me happy.

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