Bart Stellingwerf & Discmode — промо-релиз

Kram Records continues to carve an aggressive niche in the techno landscape with the release of an inspired new EP called DropIt (Vol. 1). The showcase record features an international cohort of artists hand-picked by label founder Kramnik: Buru, Paul Bart, Bart Stellingwerf & Discmode, Soundprism and Oliver Gross.
The process, says Kramnik, was incredibly collaborative and rewarding. After reaching out to the community on Twitter and Facebook to ask for demos, he was happy to discover some great raw talent amongst his fans.
“It’s been very interesting because I’ve provided them with feedback towards the final master,” he said. “I would comment on the bass, or a synth, for example, and then they would send it back.” The result is a six-track EP that is surely helping to breed the next generation of talented techno producers. Not only that, it is a direct and deliberate cultivation of the Kram Records sound — intelligent techno with a focus on selective sampling and a dark, subterranean vibe.
DropIt (Vol. 1) is the first in an ongoing series of EPs that showcases the work of fresh and exciting artists and sets up those selected to remix future Kramnik productions. Previous Kramnik releases have been reworked at the hands of big names such as Ben Sims, Gabriel Ananda, Hernan Cattaneo, Timo Maas and Nick Warren, with more big names slated to take on the challenge this year. However, the producer is excited to turn his tunes over to some fresh blood.

Artist: Bart Stellingwerf & Discmode, Buru, Oliver Gross, Paul Bart and Soundprism
Title: DropIt Vol. 1
Label: Kram Records
Genre: Techhouse/Techno
Release date: 08.04.2013

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