Michel De Hey vs Rauwkost — промо-релиз

After their successful collab Bluetrain, played by a.o. Sven Väth & Mathias Kaden, it’s time for their first release in 2013. The track «Just a matter of time» has a history. Michel already played the rough version on Timewarp and it was one of the most sought after tracks of his set. After finetuning the track, a new creative film collective in Holland called IFAN heard the track and were so impressed, they wanted to make a video for it. The result is not even a video, but more a short film about a man who has just a little time left on this planet — you can check it here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-LZA5bYdTk Too bad we just missed the Oscars for this!

Furthermore on the release you can find a great remix by HEY!’s new signing Don Ruijgrok. His remix puts an even bigger sound to the track and promises a lot for his upcoming release on HEY! To top things of there is «Full of snuif» which is more in the style of «Gimme some», one of the best selling tracks on HEY! in 2012. Enjoy and do not forget to watch the video!

Artist: Michel De Hey vs Rauwkost
Title: Just A Matter Of Time
Label: HEY!
Genre: Techhouse
Release date: 11.03.2013

1. Michel De Hey vs Rauwkost — Just A Matter Of Time
2. Michel De Hey vs Rauwkost — Full Of Snuif
3. Michel De Hey vs Rauwkost — Just A Matter Of Time (Don Ruijgrock Remix)

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