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|7M| Hello, Ian, you are a legend of the 90-s in Russia, your songs were and are on in many parts of the world. Can we say that you have achieved what you wanted?

hey how ya doing? first of all thank you for the kind say that i have achieved some of what i always wanted,and that the journey continues,i still have many things i would like to accomplish.

|7M| What do you think about the music of the 90-s compared to the modern one? And what modern style do you prefer?

i think the 90’s music is in a class of its own,and that a lot of the stuff that is around today has all the elements of ninetys dance music.i like most of the stuff thats out today.

|7M| What projects are you working at now and who do you cooperate with?

at the moment i am working with some guys from the uk,trying to get some tunes down,i dont have any deadline so i tend to take my time.

|7M| Easy», «Think About the Way» , « It’s a Rainy Day » — I doubt if anybody of the listeners of the 90-s music doesn’t know these tracks. What do you think about your popularity? Is it a result of hard work, lucky chance, good luck or help of the right people?

the success is all of those really.but i think a big part of it was the knowledge of dance music of roberto zannetti,he is the main man,and also the great voice of alexia,all put together is magic.

|7M| Who wrote music for these compositions?

the music was all writen by zannetti,and i was responsable for the words.

|7M| Has your first meeting with Russia come along with recording of single «Laika»?

yeah i think that could be the caes.i came to the studio one day,and roberto told me the story about the dog going into space,i thought this was crazy,and a good idea to do a song about the time i didnt think it would get us to go to russia,but i think we would of got there anyway on the strength of the other tunes.

|7M| How has your life changed after coming of popularity? Have you changed your environment, I mean your friends and colleagues? Have you changed your attitude to life and its value?

my life hasnt changed at all,im still doing what ive always done, ok i made some money and got some popularity but my friends are still the same and im tight with my family,ive seen a lot of people change with all the lights an stuff,but first of all im a creative,so i keep my mind on my craft an that keeps me grounded.

|7M| In spite of the fact that you were incredibly popular in the 90-s, listeners haven’t forgotten you but they love and appreciate you? Invite to different festivals and shows. Which event have you remembered most of all?

i think they where all brilliant,and its hard to choose one that is more special,well maybe the i love the 90’s gig in hassalt was good,ora gig i did in kiev with east 17 and dr alban was also a good time.

|7M| Did you have a crisis in your creative work? If yes, how did you find strength to move on and live with the gifts from your destiny?

oh i had many creative lows,and when this happens what i tend to do is leave it alone untill it talks to me again with a heavy voice then i know its right to put pen to paper again.inspiration for me comes from real things that happen around me,and i then put it to music.i have learned that forcing your pen only makes waste.

|7M|1990 — Cinema, 1992 — My World — The Early Songs, 1994 — Ice’n’Green, 1996 — Dreadatour, 2004 — Cold Skool. You have 5 albums for 14 years of your creative work, can you pick out the one which is the most important for you? Or what is an importance of each or them?

they all tell a story of where my mind was at that particular time,and also where roberto was comming from.without a doubt ice n green was the most important as in success wise and it was done effortlessly,where as cold skool was testing me on working on different styles which roberto came up with,that was a tough album to feel an to get the next one will go back to rush really.

|7M|Relying on your experience what can you advise to those MC who start their career?

it sounds such a cliche to say this but it is so true,its almost scientific,to just stick to your gunz,the harder you work the best results you get,its that simple.

|7M| What other strong hobbies have you had in your life besides music?

im still into break dancing,thats how i started out,before i was mc ing,i also paint portraits of people on canvas,and i also work with kidz teachin em writing skills and i also enjoy video production.

|7M| If you look back and weigh pros and cons, can you say what would you change in your successful life?

maybe i would of changed some of the contractual decisions i made,and i think thats about it realy,im happy to have done what i did as far as the music is concerned,cas i still recieve mail from people saying how much the songs played in their lives an that for me is priceless,thanx for the interest one again and GODBLESS.

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